Endless Gifts (155)

12 month growth goals written down and a plan starting to fall in place to make it all happen… including getting Howard the Jellyfish

Catching up with Anna and another happy hour discussing life and books

A quick phone chat with Dianna and how great it is to have a friend to laugh with and who I get to see in person in just two weeks!

A walk in the woods to clarify and relax my mind

The start of Lent


Robbin’s thoughtfulness to gift a scented diffuser for my new office and Flavor Bistro saving the day by letting me use their bottle opener to the broken cork out

That which satisfies sermon from the Village Church – “the defining reality in my life is that I am in Him and He is in me.”

Opening Instagram to this:


Catching up with Tami and sharing life and laughs

Firegirl Academy call and being encouraged and positively challenged

My amazing new dinosaur sweatshirt finally arrived!

The snow didn’t last and the sun came out

The reminder that a win is a win.

When Taco Time just hits the spot

Rachel giving up a couple hours of her Saturday to help set up for the Global Partners fair at Shoreline Church

Megan coming with me on Sunday to the fair

So many kind words and support at the Acres table and conversation at lunch

A trip down memory lane to my favorite donut shop


Captain Marvel movie night and those delicious pretzels with cheese sauce!

A long walk with Jesus on a perfect winter afternoon and time to think and dream and yet another beautiful sunset


Finally admitting I need a better planning and calendaring system and Passion Planner to the rescue… seriously a game changer

New sheets!

A thoughtful card and listening to the dogs tell their story



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