Endless Gifts (156)

A total introvert day

The Intermissionary map is on the wall!


Making an official Dream List with 100 things to do or experience

Geneva flights are booked, including a bonus stopover in Iceland to tick off a Dream List item: the Blue Lagoon


A moment where I meet the full force of God’s kindness with dreams fulfilled

An unexpected but lovely skype call with my sister and the littles

Discovering a super simple new recipe for power packed morning muffins


Living within walking distance of a grocery store and enjoying a podcast while I did my weekly shop

My March Stitch Fix arrived and I luvs it!

A daily reminder to not wait anymore


“Is there anything that’s impossible that God wants me to do?”

Coming up with a dedication page for my book… you gotta start somewhere 🙂

Positive feedback on the team I’ve built over the last year

Stillwater Elementary’s gift of encouragement to the staff and families at Acres


A great team meeting that involved dreaming big and making some big and exciting ides for the 2019 annual gala

A very opportune meeting with a peer and connections galore

Catching up with my mom over SipThai

A successful and fun Ribbion Cutting at the new office and team member who goes above and beyond to create a lovely event for all

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people sitting

The random fun Girl Scout cookie delivery

Catching up with John and hearing how God is using the Wall family to be love in action

Finally, some warm weather and going out with just a lightweight jacket

Treating myself to a manicure and just zoning out for a couple few minutes

A very fun event supporting the Assistance League of the Eastside


The return of Sugar Scrub Sunday

Starting to Kondo all the things and how satisfying and instantaneous the positive effects are!

Happy hour with kindred spirits and laughing so hard I had happy tears


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