Endless Gifts (157)

A clean and warm blanket fresh from the dryer

Nancy Nelson sharing her fundraising wisdom

The lasting work that TWLOHA is doing

Everywell’s at home food sensitivity test – maybe I’ll finally get to the bottom of this four month fatigue!

A very long walk on a warm winter day without a cloud in the sky

Post workout dinner with Kim complete with laughs, solid conversation and delightfully messy burgers

When all the errands get run in just the right amount of time

A great tour with the program manager from Murdock Foundation

When meetings run just perfect and the discussion is rich

Creative, outside the box thinking with my team

Florida Girl’s Weekend flight booked!

Team Hutton’s exciting news

Laurie’s kindness to take me to the airport and an adventurous meal at Shenanigans

That breaking down to buy a neck pillow was one of the best travel choices I’ve ever made

A solid 2 hours of sleep on the red eye flight

The Callow’s kindness and hospitality to let me crash at their place for a couple few hours

Hearing stories of how God provided for others … including a beautiful dining room table

Getting to hug my sneaky coffee friend, Dianna, after just about two years!

An easy weekend full to the brim of conversation, encouragement, joy and love

Strolling through Downtown Columbus and looking over into Alabama

Backyard bonfire with hot dogs and s’mores and fireworks and laughs

Meeting the neighbor’s horses, Diamond and Casey

The peacefulness that is Everbe

Sitting on a couch talking with Dianna about the authentic and funny things in life

Wedding cake with glitter sprinkles shave ice

Getting to go to Christ Community Church (and a very nice mug)

Meeting Molly. And Yaya and Granddaddy. And a virtual hug from and to Amy.

Waffle Monday with Huckleberry syrup

I Raise A Hallelujah

Easy flight home. Easy Lyft ride home.

When I’m actually, fully, exceptionally excited to see how God is going to show up and make it work.

As much as it makes me laugh, I love living in a state that seeks to be as environmentally friendly as possible

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