Endless Gifts (158)

Though it’s still quite cool, its been almost a full week of sunshine, clear skies and lovely sunsets

Red trousers

That I have the flexibility to work from home, especially thankful for this when the maintenance guy is having fun with the nail gun

Gift with purchase at Nordstrom

A tangible reminder to keep believing and dreaming big


One very hilarious book that reminds me its all about perspective and how I chose to view life

Obedience with joy

“It’s not about the problem. It’s about the pain.” – solid relationship advise from David Crowder on the That Sounds Fun podcast

Light, lent and lessons learned


When inspiration strikes and the right words just tumble out and on to the paper

Groupon for unlimited Barre classes for a month and challenging my body in a new skill

Rescheduled meetings that are actually a tremendous gift of time

Discovering The Belonging Co podcast and a very encouraging message from Alex Seeley

God is always the god of resolve. He will never leave us just hanging.”

God took nothing and turned it into the earth in six short days. Just imagine what he can do in your life when it’s surrendered.

He brings long term gain from short term loss.

Sweet treats and savory comfort food


Seeing the cherry blossoms on my to work out class

Lunch with Gen sitting on a sunny patio

Being there to witness a crazy accident (no injuries) and be a witness and support to a older man who was in disbelief


The Uncommon Collaboration meeting and training with Abundant Life and delightful car conversation with Megan

A very helpful BECU rep

Homemade raspberry applesauce


Life on a budget isn’t terrible, just more thoughtful


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