Endless Gifts (159)

The smell of the first rain on pavement after warm days

Book club dinner and discussion full of laughs, wine and good food

“You are faithful, why should my heart be afraid”

The opportunity to take a trip down memory lane for the upcoming Take Me With You podcast

Unplanned… powerful movie with a powerful message

A great new haircut from the salon right across the hall at work

Getting into the groove of Barre3 workouts

Tours, tours and more tours… but the opportunity to connect with the mission

Quite possibly the best voice to text fail I’ve sent


Elevation worship concert

Tipsy Cow dinner complete with battered and fried maple bacon

The chocolate chip cookies came out perfect again

Birthday cake frozen yogurt and waffle cookie


Spotlights that just looked pretty to me


An unexpected and divinely timed direct message of encouragement and challenge

Lunch with mom and dad at Tavern Hall and a very delicious banana waffle

Eight Bethel Victory Tour tickets that are going to be perfectly used

AAA is very easy to set up in a pickle and very quick to respond and send someone out to fix my car

When recalls are just a one day fix and the loaner car is brand new

That the sign of a good week isn’t how many photos I take


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