Endless Gifts (160)

The first meeting for the Acres fall event and getting to work with Gazala and her team again

The incredibly talented women on my team

When meetings cancel and I get the gift of time

My episode on Take Me With You is out!

Celebrating another big decision made with The Jack wine


That brainstorming with Erin always leads to an even better idea than when we started

Jenni sharing her experience with Intermissionary

My favorite Starbucks at the airport

Meeting the founder of Acres of Diamonds and hearing her inspiring life story and conviction to say “Yes”


Catching up with the Gibbs family and hearing more about their upcoming adventure

Getting to share about my Mercy Ships experience with someone who really wanted to hear

A ride to the airport

The Go-Giver

Rich connections and fellowship that meet a soul need you didn’t know you had

Sleeping in my own bed after a 20 hour day and two flights

Florida trip is coming together, complete with Disney princess and villain face masks

Cirque du Soleil “Crystal” with Lollie

Treat yo self Sunday with a mani/pedi

Spontaneous lunch with Mom and dad

The gift of time with a delayed flight to Dallas and not needing to rush through errands

Game of Thrones season premiere

Chocolate cake and bubbles for dinner



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