Endless Gifts (161)

A slow and Sunny Monday morning before traveling

Checking an item off my DreamList… flying via private jet.

The amazingly generous individual who made said flight possible

Quick and safe arrival into Dallas and breezy check-in

A city view room (complete with view of the grassy knoll and the “X” where JFK was shot)

Inspiring TED talks at the CLA Outcomes conference

A great trip with a great woman and coworker

The first of many informative, challenging and affirming workshops that will help me become a better leader and businesswoman

Sneaking out to catch up with Remy and Stephanie at Rodeo Goat (Hot Bastard Burger + Dutch Beer = delightful)


Stephanie’s kindness to pick me up from the hotel

Finally wining at a raffle!

Hard Eight BBQ and Mike’s generosity to treat the group

Falling asleep to a lightening storm and watching the ominous clouds roll in

Another safe flight home and getting in a couple few hours earlier than expected

A long sleep in my own bed

The flexibility to take an introverted work day from home

Pomegranate happy hour with people who get me and also like to find the funny in the hard stuff of life

A bright, sunny Saturday and getting to wear my rose gold snake skin shoes

Carrie’s tickets to PNB’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and another treat yo self outing with Lollie

A very sweet gift from Kari


Easter lunch with mom and dad and seeing mom before she heads out to Scotland again

Game of Thrones viewing with Hi-Chews sans Strawberry


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