Endless Gifts (162)

Getting to touch base with Katie Callow and how much she’s brought to the Acres’ social media

The realization just how much Erin and I have already accomplished in just four months!

When board meeting presentations go just right

Myles’ openness to share his family’s story and his reminder God’s timing is what matters, not mine

A sweet trip down memory lane


Working with my team to create our department’s core values

One piece of the “what’s next” puzzle comes together

Happy hour with Anna… talking politics, abortion, faith and laughing too

Unexpected potential contract opportunities

That living into God’s dream for my life results in a lot of “unexpected”

1:1s with Hannah are always enjoyable and refreshing

Solid conversations with Megan on Abundant Life meeting mornings

Checking another item off the the Dream List: run a 5k


A long walk to the theater enjoying a podcast on dreaming and moving forward

Celebrating Josh and Katie Young’s wedding from afar and via IG posts… lovely, lovely couple.

Getting all the posts for the Reentry Ready Challenge on IG

That Diet Coke and Peanut Butter M&Ms will always remind me of Lisa


Epic entertainment day — Avengers: Endgame and GoT new episode

Sleep in Sunday after a busy Saturday

55% off a Dyson vacuum cleaner (oh dear, I’m adulting hard)

Starting work on my “family” crest

The Intermissionary website is officially launched and Gathering tickets on sale


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