Endless Gifts (163)

Lunch with Gen and solid laughs and conversation as always

Finally a doctor who listens and tests for all the things and discovers the cause of my five months of fatigue and sickness

B12 shots are pretty much a game changer

Waking up with energy for the first time since December

That Kim is always willing to set me up for work out class if I’m running late

A team that genuinely supports me in my decision to move to Florida to be a professional beach bum… seriously.

The strangely beautiful compliment, “I don’t feel like I need you anymore, I know what I’m doing.”

The opportunity to share with Kiwanis group about Acres with Megan


Intermissionary’s #Reentryready Instagram challenge is up and running and hearing that is a resource people are using and that conversation, discussion and processing is happening

The opportunity to go through countless photos and relive some great memories


“Expect more from me Kristin.”

Fun updates from the Glasgow kiddos

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is hands down amazing and the carpets are cleaner than ever

Lazy lunch at The Pizza Coop and catching up with Carrie


Finding the coat rack at World Market I’d been eyeing for months on clearance

Dad’s help to find a good new laptop in my price range and treating me to lunch

That my parents support me in my crazy, amazing and sometimes wild adventures

A free car wash

Discovering how to make delicious fig bars

Sunsets so beautiful I just enjoyed it rather than photographing it


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