Endless Gifts (164)

Attending the annual Vision House luncheon with Megan and a fun photo booth

A quick catch up with Sharleen Kato

Sunny days with a very healthy side a warm

Felicity, the orchid, and Lisa’s tip on how to take care of it


The epic July road trip to Pensacola is mapped out, complete with a couple more Dream List items to check off

TWLOHA Blue gift arrived on a perfectly timed day


Finally getting to wear my new favorite sundress

“We laugh because we love, not because we judge.”

A perfectly fun night out with Laurie and Hannah even if our comedy show was cancelled


Saturday happy hour with Rob and Anna

The Acres’ Insider Tours are off and running and though not perfect I feel good about where it will grow

Another incredible woman signed up to come to the Chamonix Intensive

The Costa Rica Intensive is moving from dream to reality

Megan’s diligent and hard work to create the Acres Ambassador program and getting to attend the first training


Mother’s Day lunch with my mama

Kondo-ing my bathroom and closet and being okay with paring down even more

Celebrating Katie Love with a Masquerade Murder Mystery and a karaoke after party

GiveBIG raised over 500 nights of safety for moms and kids living at Acres

The next Sweet Dee and Liz Lemon, featuring Leonard Hoftseader, is just 9 days away! (Bring me all the breakfast ice cream on a white sand beach)



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