1,000 Gifts … One Thankful Heart

One year ago I faced a monster from my past. And then I quietly fell apart. No one really tells you how difficult it is to live in community, probably because until you live in it you can't fully understand the delicate balance of beauty and pain, crazy and lovely, heaviness and brightness. I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (976-1000)

976. 13 surgeries in the first two days and one really amazing Hospital Director 977. One month until I move into a long hoped for three berth! 978. A 15 minute coffee chat with the one and only Dianna Cash (even if the coffee was terrible!) and that she just understands my frustration with a... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (951-975)

951. Dinner with Ans and LuWanna 952. A plane ticket to Tamatave and returning home for more than two days 953. Finally getting a meeting with ImpĂ´t and the VAT exoneration 954. Katie's perfectly timed message 955. An anonymous donor who made me cry a little 956. Hotel Colbert Bakery 957. A chat with Anna... Continue Reading →

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