11:5 – 5,000 New Smiles

In honor of the Dental Clinic's quiet but profound impact over the last six or so months and seeing their 5,000th patient (and 20,000 procedures) I give you a heap of smiles 🙂

11:5 – Cars, Trucks and Ambulances

I love my office for a lot of reasons but the top one is because of the view through my porthole. Almost every day I watch as our Land Cruisers and Land Rovers drive back and forth dropping off and picking up patients, I watch as the Transportation team washes and maintains the vehicles, I... Continue Reading →

11:5 – Not Just A Game

Walk into any of our wards, or Deck 7 during the Patient's time outside, you'll see at least one set of Jenga somewhere. Its a tried and true way to make the recovery time on the wards go by just a bit quicker. But its got another purpose too. Rehab uses it to help ortho... Continue Reading →

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