Endless Gifts (117)

Advance team dinner Behind the scenes photos captured by Suzanne #teamjackbussy All the work our IT team does to make sure we are set up and good to go for Advance That Briana is here to keep things going An unexpected ride to Thai dinner Francis Chan's devotion on sitting with God Girl's night at... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (116)

That well placed make up can a hide a completely sleepless night Kittens and cheese sticks and coca-cola with lime and a very best friend Cooler weather and an evening run Celebrating Ani and honoring this woman who has become a part of my Benin family Girl talk and first date stories over tea in... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (113)

A musical chair dinner with some of my favorites And a very thoughtful and kind card from some of my other favorites Making friends with Ann-Marie on A ward... playing cards with her and talking about our hometowns Container day! The randomness of a day and the comical way someone announces they have quit Michele's... Continue Reading →

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