Endless Gifts (128)

That moment when the DG across from me says, "Yes, we can help. What do you need?" Sandrine's wisdom and discernment in a difficult situation Shifting into 5th gear after spending 45 minutes in first gear All four Toyotas are inspected and good to go! Caroline who made the trip to Toyota and sat in... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (126)

Finally having a bed not just a mattress on the floor and Augustine who made it up so nice for me Beets in the salad Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning and the unique, refreshing and free way it makes me think Another quote on the hallway mirror A morning taxi driver singing Boyz 2 Men... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (125)

Chance encounters that lead to air conditioned ride to my next meeting Big dreams and believing in immeasurably, infinitely and abundantly more  Monsieur Bessalo who equally gets it done The first brewed coffee in the morning  The visa authorization came through and Sandrine playing Operations Liaison for an afternoon Nutella bread for lunch Contracts signed,... Continue Reading →

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