Five Minute Friday – Exhale.

Today's prompt is EXHALE: Go. When I was little I played that game where you hold your breath when you go through a tunnel. It's easy at first but then your cheeks start to hurt, you tap your toes or stamp your feet (because somehow expending more energy makes sense).And then finally you make it... Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: Messenger

Today's prompt is┬ámessenger. Go. We've been in Cotonou, Benin for 34 days. In 34 days we've met Ministers, Ambassadors, Managing Directors, Secretary Generals and Comissoners. We've presented Mercy Ships to security guards, business owners, salesmen, pastors and perfect strangers over lunch. Our little team has served as messengers of hope in government buildings, hospitals, city... Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: Mess

Today's prompt is: Mess. Go. If I were to be honest I would say my life is a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting... Its a little messy and it doesn't always make sense but somehow its striking and beautiful. One year ago today I walked up the Africa Mercy gangway for the first time... Continue Reading →

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