Endless Gifts (121)

Taxi Tetris and making it to the bus station right on time Wendy and Michele's support and friendship and that they just get it Breakfast outside  No more worms or mothy bugs or snails or other creepy crawlies Uneventful travel to Douala and quickly getting settled into the new place Walking home in the rain... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (106)

Skype calls with all seven nephews and nieces After Christmas cleaning and sorting to be ready to start 2017 with less stuff Passing my change management certification course with one day to spare Harmattan brings cooler temperatures and makes for some interesting views Happy Cappy who understands the importance of the Funemployment department Sleep in... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (105)

Patients who get to share in our ship traditions Carols by Candlelight and three years of Christmas memories with Katie Saved breakfast treats and sneaky coffee traditions Last hugs with Adalynn, Cora and Jack before the proper dock hugs The Wall family... their friendship, their service and their big hearts Hugs after a difficult "until... Continue Reading →

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