The One Where Its OK

Today our hearts are broken over the loss of a young patient. The beautiful 5-year-old girl from Northern Madagascar passed away on board the Africa Mercy on Thursday 10 March, at 5.45pm. She died two days after a very unusual, rare and severe reaction to the surgical procedure in combination with¬†general anaesthetic, during treatment to... Continue Reading →

The One with The Patients

We have seen 1,128 patients come up and down our gangway. We have seen lives transformed before us and seen miracles happen in the ORs‚Ķ airways cleared, babies intubated without complications, and most recently, a dental patient admitted and lifesaving surgery performed. Deck 3 is a sacred place, not because of the medical staff but... Continue Reading →

The One Where A Prostitute Smiles

There's a woman sitting awkwardly at the bar top. Her eyes dart around the restaurant as she tugs at her too short skirt. She is beautiful but looks miserable. I watch as she straightens her back and and flashes a false smile at the guy who just walked up to her... its time for her... Continue Reading →

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