The One Where Heaven Cracks Through

I think there are moments where there is a crack between this world and the heavenly, where for a few fleeting seconds all is right, pure and good and we experience peace and joy so deep there aren't even words to describe it. This morning I went to the White Orchid home for mentally handicapped,... Continue Reading →

11:5 – Pricilla

"We seek to model Jesus in Matthew 11:5, where he said, 'The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk.' We seek to help those afflicted with crippling diseases."   I like routine and order and I like showing off this amazing place I call my home, the Africa Mercy. So I think its time I... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (5)

Getting to be a part of the Day crew Christmas party. We really are blessed to have such an amazing group of people working with us Brandon putting the Stulls new mattress in for me so I can finally move in to cabin sit And now I can have RDPs (random dance parties) Nana bringing me... Continue Reading →

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