Endless Gifts (88)

When the last 4% of your iPad battery magically lasts way longer than it should Being strong enough not to give up The energy for one last discussion and remote translations How a business card and determination saved the day And how prayer moves things Getting to close an email with "see you tomorrow!" The... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (85)

Conversations about leadership and setting boundaries When people take the time to explain an idea, option or thought process An encouraging email from Holland at just the right time of tiredness Internet contracts are sorted and signed A contact that continues to go above and beyond and a very simple process When contacts become friends... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (84)

The long awaited for phones have finally arrived for the screening team 7 minute workouts Sharing a meal with new friends Discovering the even closer and quieter grocery store ... And another option for dark chocolate pistachio bars The news of my grandma's death came on a day when I could handle it Matthew 11:28... Continue Reading →

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