Endless Gifts (88)

When the last 4% of your iPad battery magically lasts way longer than it should Being strong enough not to give up The energy for one last discussion and remote translations How a business card and determination saved the day And how prayer moves things Getting to close an email with "see you tomorrow!" The... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (38)

Unlimited free WiFi at La Dattier, all for the price of an ice cold Coca Cola in a glass bottle Small projects to help with so that the Advance team could focus on larger tasks A time of prayer and worship at the HOPE Center for the ship's sail and for the upcoming field service... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (901 – 925)

901. The time difference meant that Aad and Rob were available night and day to help with extra Customs documentation 902. Didier and Jérôme at Bolloré and how they advocated for mercy ships 903. A last meal alone before the ship arrives 904. Ghurka escort to and from the bank 905. Eliphaz's willingness to translate... Continue Reading →

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