Endless Gifts (31)

Not having to sign out a vehicle or being limited to just four hours Matador Happy Hour with two of my favorite Starbucks ladies, Amber and Anna Finding my Orca card and better yet, discovering it still has $8.72 on it! Laura Rose is engaged!! Inside jokes with friends that make us all laugh no... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (29)

Brunch at Hector's with Carrie (and Mimosas!) It may have taken two years but I finally saved enough to buy a new laptop Catching up with dear friends and getting to hear their stories from the last two years A new Bible and how I always think of Tami Fenno when I read Psalm 119.... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (76-100)

76. BBQ on the dock and hamburgers 77. The Hospitality Hostesses who are always cheerful and welcoming 78. That I get to keep the Joneses   79. Girl Scout Cookie care packages (and Reese's that haven't been destroyed in the container!) 80. And introducing Ghurkas to Girl Scout Cookies 🙂 81. Midnight stargazing 82. My brother, Josh... Continue Reading →

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