Endless Gifts (73)

Ally's new song on Monday morning A friend who goes the extra mile to make an evening extra sweet by bringing home lava cake from my favorite restaurant AND looks all over the ship to find vanilla ice cream to go go with it! When my cabin space smells like chocolate cake IS making sure... Continue Reading →

The One Where I’m Still Overwhelmed

During my Onboarding field service we painted a few murals of Africa, I remember thinking the little island off the southeast coast must be a mistake but no it wasn’t. It was Madagascar, a country I’d never even thought twice about. And now here I am. That little blob on the side of the map... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (276-300)

276. The amazing Reception team I've gotten to work with the last six months:   Especially my girls who serve the crew behind the desk: 277. Hannah Mullen--bright smile, big dreams and determined 278. Sarah "Kansas"--genuine and sweet servant's heart with a friendly and warm smile 279. Sarah Paris--witty, great listener and always willing to... Continue Reading →

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