Endless Gifts (164)

Attending the annual Vision House luncheon with Megan and a fun photo booth A quick catch up with Sharleen Kato Sunny days with a very healthy side a warm Felicity, the orchid, and Lisa's tip on how to take care of it The epic July road trip to Pensacola is mapped out, complete with a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (111)

Last shawarma run with Katie Peppermint mocha flavor is back in the cafe by gifting of a crew member Monday Funday waffle night and the lovelies that helped And then girls night and laughing at ridiculousness with Ivanna and Emma When things I thought would be a fight turn out to be easy peasy A... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (84)

The long awaited for phones have finally arrived for the screening team 7 minute workouts Sharing a meal with new friends Discovering the even closer and quieter grocery store ... And another option for dark chocolate pistachio bars The news of my grandma's death came on a day when I could handle it Matthew 11:28... Continue Reading →

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