Endless Gifts (76)

Celebrating Harmen and the happy discovery of Oreo cheesecake! Soul Keeping and good discussions with the team Podcasts to help me fall asleep An hour waiting at EcoBank and the slow but steady building of a relationship with the commercial banker Seeing Tirez again at the Security gate at EcoBank Delicious pizza delivered after a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (65)

Pop Rock parties in the supply closet Mabel's endless stories and entertainment and laughs A board member who humbly comes to work in the dining room serving our meals A call to prayer for a patient in need and all crew stopping what we were doing to pray When the chef comes down to show... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (51)

A small group that inspires me and encourages me with their personal stories of God's faithfulness to relentlessly pursue our hearts Opportunities to be a part of the Academy and bless the kids, even if its just reading a quick story on D.E.A.R day One step closer to Pier 99 being complete thanks to one... Continue Reading →

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