Endless Gifts (48)

Sierra Leone is Ebola free! David Forrest's morning encouragement and prayer for April and I and even clearing our breakfast dishes Men in our community who model humility and obedience even when its difficult and means apologizing This sign on the door to E Ward and the inspiration it was for me to make my... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (17)

A little Seahawks moment in the with Lollie on a port walk City Prayer moving beyond our bulkheads and into a place of need The first of hopefully many dinners where we simply bring light into darkness A Monday night off and time at the gas station with friends Introducing Simon and Jeremiah to girls... Continue Reading →

The One Where I’m Overwhelmed

Towards the end of a meeting last week the statement was made, "You are getting more than what is possible in an impossible time frame." I'll venture to say that pretty much sums up the Madagascar Advance. This weekend the main element (team leader, port liaison, hospital liaison, healthcare education liaison and operations liaison) was... Continue Reading →

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