Endless Gifts (37)

Sierra Leone has no new Ebola infections!!! The Transportation campaign partnering with Telma, Orange and Airtel is up and running Josh was there to save the flavor of our house dinner and Tom's help with dinner including a quick run to the corner restaurant to get rice Harmen getting the Land Cruiser back up and... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (25)

Our amazing Ghurkas who returned to Nepal after the earthquake and who are doing what they can to help their families, friends, and those in need. I am humbled and blessed by the way these men live life and support their people ... travelling into the remote areas to help Our Ghurka, Min, who came... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (151-175)

151. Enjoying Guinness and conversation on the beach while watching a thunderstorm over the Atlantic ocean 152. The deep rooted beauty, love and trust of Nick and Dianna Cash's family story 153. Celebrating another friend and the joy she brings to the ship 154. Rediscovering Pink Martini on my night shift 155. Valerian Root to help me sleep... Continue Reading →

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