Endless Gifts (151)

Finally got TSA PreCheck... and it feels so good UberEats on snow days and perfectly spiced Pad Thai Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies... and cookies for breakfast the next morning An awesome snap chat documentary about Steve... the guy who shoveled the snow on the hill across the way Uber and Lyft drivers who saved... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (110)

Girls Bachelor viewing night is back! The first element of the Cameroon Advance team is complete! Lunch with Abby and her encouragement to just make stuff happen A very thoughtful care package and refill of Pop Rocks and a card that encouraged at exactly the right time Another card found on my door with a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (41)

Monday morning phone call with Carrie A meaningful, and perfectly timed, compliment from an old friend Relevant magazine The women's health program has started and the first group of women came onboard and their songs in the hallway are one of the most lovely sounds in the world A perfectly encouraging quote to start my... Continue Reading →

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