Endless Gifts (96)

One crazy, amazing, busy, beautiful week with Ashley Appy dessert with Katie and solid conversation about life beyond the ship Renewed passion for social activities Finding the purpose in my job The hospital experience tour and learning even more about this little hospital that could Peaking through an OR window to see part of a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (90)

Thai dinner with mighty and lovely women Notes from family and sweet photos to put on the wall Going late to lunch means chicken strips The sales team and Dianna who blessed the crew with waffles Sunset views from the gangway Finding fun photos on the comms share drive (with my name spelled correctly for... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (39)

Sneaky coffee with Dianna Overwhelming love and sweet notes and gifts Wendy's here! Wendy's here! Getting back into my office and my many roles and remembering why I love them all Seeing this year's hospital staff walking around in scrubs again Seeing the day crew arrive and then seeing them around the ship with their... Continue Reading →

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