Endless Gifts (82)

Sparklers and Pop-Its and shared experiences for the 4th of July in Benin Answered prayer and literally seeing a man's heart and attitude towards Mercy Ship change in just a matter of minutes Finding the missing receipt Sleep Enoc and Roguy's help When my voice is heard Sandrine's help to correct 275 documents Knowing I... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (79)

Dreaming BIG for Benin again Our cook Maurice and a delicious meal and fresh fruit waiting for us after long days Driving… On my own… With my music… and the freedom to sing aloud to said music Finally finding a gas station with gasoil and having a full tank again The shocked look on the... Continue Reading →

11:5 – Cars, Trucks and Ambulances

I love my office for a lot of reasons but the top one is because of the view through my porthole. Almost every day I watch as our Land Cruisers and Land Rovers drive back and forth dropping off and picking up patients, I watch as the Transportation team washes and maintains the vehicles, I... Continue Reading →

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