Endless Gifts (38)

Unlimited free WiFi at La Dattier, all for the price of an ice cold Coca Cola in a glass bottle Small projects to help with so that the Advance team could focus on larger tasks A time of prayer and worship at the HOPE Center for the ship's sail and for the upcoming field service... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (37)

Sierra Leone has no new Ebola infections!!! The Transportation campaign partnering with Telma, Orange and Airtel is up and running Josh was there to save the flavor of our house dinner and Tom's help with dinner including a quick run to the corner restaurant to get rice Harmen getting the Land Cruiser back up and... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (36)

Seeing Harmen waiting at the Tamatave airport after a long travel back to Mada A travel buddy from London to Tamatave and one with printed documents which helped me actually get on my flight! And Amy was able to send the documents I needed quickly Familiar sites and food and pistachio ice cream Dinner with... Continue Reading →

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