The One Where I’m Still Overwhelmed

During my Onboarding field service we painted a few murals of Africa, I remember thinking the little island off the southeast coast must be a mistake but no it wasn’t. It was Madagascar, a country I’d never even thought twice about. And now here I am. That little blob on the side of the map... Continue Reading →

The One Where I’m Overwhelmed

Towards the end of a meeting last week the statement was made, "You are getting more than what is possible in an impossible time frame." I'll venture to say that pretty much sums up the Madagascar Advance. This weekend the main element (team leader, port liaison, hospital liaison, healthcare education liaison and operations liaison) was... Continue Reading →

Hello Tana! (The Photo Tour)

Of course everyone is dying to know what Madagascar really looks like... ...Me too! I've been here a grand total of three days and it has been nonstop 15+ hour days. And since the back of a taxi is basically my office now I haven't really seen all that much. But I remembered to look... Continue Reading →

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