Endless Gifts (157)

A clean and warm blanket fresh from the dryer Nancy Nelson sharing her fundraising wisdom The lasting work that TWLOHA is doing Everywell’s at home food sensitivity test - maybe I’ll finally get to the bottom of this four month fatigue! A very long walk on a warm winter day without a cloud in the... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (97)

Donating blood again and Jenny coming home and telling me, "Hey, we used your blood tonight" A touch up tailor is just down the hall Reminders of Seattle and affirmations the next step is home Quiet time in the Cash cabin followed by game time with the girls Togo bread The food services teams that... Continue Reading →

The One Where Its OK

Today our hearts are broken over the loss of a young patient. The beautiful 5-year-old girl from Northern Madagascar passed away on board the Africa Mercy on Thursday 10 March, at 5.45pm. She died two days after a very unusual, rare and severe reaction to the surgical procedure in combination with general anaesthetic, during treatment to... Continue Reading →

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