Endless Gifts (106)

Skype calls with all seven nephews and nieces After Christmas cleaning and sorting to be ready to start 2017 with less stuff Passing my change management certification course with one day to spare Harmattan brings cooler temperatures and makes for some interesting views Happy Cappy who understands the importance of the Funemployment department Sleep in... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (55)

An late evening run through the port... by myself... and how safe and clean of a port this is Also, a long run on a cool morning with nothing but my thoughts and prayers and fresh air Fresh, clean, fun new sheets for Christmas When you return from an errand to find a fresh pour... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (7)

Ray found the right manual so I could fix the espresso machine Mint. Lots and lots of mint. Two anonymous donors who blessed me tremendously. Thank you so very very much Driving a Land Rover and 550 at that (the oldest and worst one) A special chai tea blend shared by Amy Hearing this announcement... Continue Reading →

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