Endless Gifts (153)

My Lenten wreath from Joywares finally arrived! Clearing out the inbox and getting back to zero action items Planting my office succulent and yet another lesson in patience Having in person 1:1 meetings with my team instead of over the phone Finding the missing bottle of vitamins A memory picture on my drive into work... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (63)

That prayer is not one dimensional and corporate prayer and intercession can move mountains and break chains People moved to action and willing to make time to pray for the sexual exploitation that is happening here in Tamatave Courage to speak up and out Quotes that mean something and friends that go find the tumblr... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (401-425)

401. A perfectly timed note from my beautiful optirealist friend 402. That there is grace on those days where it all falls apart 403. That there is also a lot of belly aching, tears streaming down your face, can't breath laughter on those days too 404. Sitting with friends under a velvet blue sky and... Continue Reading →

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