Endless Gifts (157)

A clean and warm blanket fresh from the dryer Nancy Nelson sharing her fundraising wisdom The lasting work that TWLOHA is doing Everywell’s at home food sensitivity test - maybe I’ll finally get to the bottom of this four month fatigue! A very long walk on a warm winter day without a cloud in the... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (152)

Friendly and safe Lyft drivers to and from doctor's appointments during the snowstorm Snow plows and maintenance that made it possible to finally escape the apartment Chatting with Jenny and Henry and building out a to do list for The Gathering... challenge accepted. Intermissionary is officially recognized by the State of Florida! Leaving the snow... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (95)

When dentist appointments lead to a self-confidence boost That I grew up with consistent dental care in a city with clean drinking water fortified with Fluoride The global health checklist team has finished their first week of training over 28 hospitals the WHO surgical checklist The knowledge that so much of what we do here... Continue Reading →

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