Endless Gifts (146)

Roasted red pepper edamame hummos on toast Comfy new work shoes Finding the book that Shea recommended First PNW run and no rats That cars actually move out of the way for runners Law & Order SVU marathon Sunny days even if they are cold Finding fun memories in storage and knowing there are more... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (144)

Dahlias on the porch Netflix access at 2am when the jet lag really sucks Discovering old favorites from storage boxes, including my Japanese tea set and crock pot! Fresh raspberries and huckleberry jam Afternoon prosecco with Carrie and finally meeting little man, Conner Cole! New sheets and a queen size bed all to myself A... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (33)

A last Thai lunch with Katie Love Random discovery of Hi-Chews in an Uber... oh an Uber in general is pretty fantastic Two bags packed, weighed and ready to go Beth at Raptim Travel who handled my rebookings and got everything sorted for me so I still would arrive in Amsterdam on time. Finally getting... Continue Reading →

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