Endless Gifts (67)

Breakfast with the sales ladies at Ocean 501 and the HR team who worked in the cafe to make it happen Honest conversations over cold beers about the frustrations of single life on the ship The first Benin Advance team meeting The Academy creative arts night and the talented kids on the ship The pure... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (55)

An late evening run through the port... by myself... and how safe and clean of a port this is Also, a long run on a cool morning with nothing but my thoughts and prayers and fresh air Fresh, clean, fun new sheets for Christmas When you return from an errand to find a fresh pour... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (50)

Morning conversations about nothing in particular over a french press Robert putting together my new shelf I thought I wouldn't get until Christmas, and finally feeling organized! Growing families New fun coloring books for grown ups and sharing some of the funnier pages with friends to help brighten their day Getting the cherry in the... Continue Reading →

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