Endless Gifts (16)

  Simon and Ally's help with Monday Funday movie night Amy and Jacki's affirming words and encouragment This team : Dianna's honesty about the little things that bring her heart smiles Four gold stars from Ashley George's chivalrous act of cleaning off the chair for me Chitra checking on me while I work late ...... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Women

There will always be a part if me that is passionate about affirming the worth, value and intrinsic beauty of women; a part of my that will champion the crushed spirit and a part that will see loving others is the greatest difference I can make.I'm inspired by women the likes of Coco Chanel, Audrey... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (51-75)

51. Sunday morning eggs and bacon 52. Friends who kindly go on coffee runs for me when I'm behind the desk 53. A phone call with my parents 54. My first nephew, Henry 55. Hearing Lisa's mawmaw sing a hymn from her hospital bed 56. Meeting Genifer and Isabel in B Ward 57. Long awaited... Continue Reading →

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