Chaka Waka

I’ve discovered already how easy it is to go stir crazy on board the ship. And I am so thankful that we are able to go out and experience the culture and breathe some “fresh” air. A favorite spot of mine, and many others here, is Chaka Waka. Its a beach front food truck with sandwiches, pizza and drinks, if they have electricity. Its also one of the best places to go to watch the incredible sunsets we have here! Tables right in the sand, warm ocean breeze, music and lots of chatter. The best is after sundown, then its transformed to a little piece of heaven. Lanterns are placed on the tables, above you is a crystal clear view of the stars, waves crashing… its perfect. I haven’t seen such an unobstructed view of the night sky in ages and its just so beautiful!

You do still see reminders of where you are; children coming round to your table begging for food or money, garbage and the like all along the shore mixed in with the shells and sand, people coming round to sell you trinkets and waiting three hours for your food. Getting there too is quite a reminder, bartering for a taxi and cramming six people into a little sedan, its all part of the experience. And one that I am happy to enjoy as often as possible, it reminds me to sit back and relax, to laugh with new friends, to connect with others, to hunt for shells, to breathe deep and create memories.

IMAG1955 IMAG1960

IMAG1972 IMG_20130507_190610

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