Endless Gifts

A postcard from Caitlin reminding me to keep working on my Aussie lingo

85 minutes of smiles, laughs and deep conversation with Tami Fenno

French toast muffins from Katie

That Katie Stull is an amazing listener and friend who also holds on to really random and hilarious memories


Christmas getaway in paradise booked with a pretty great group of people

Getting to know Tanya and hearing just a bit of her story

Memories of thanksgiving Disneyland trips with the Rideouts

Words of encouragement perfectly timed

An afternoon with the Cash kids and another Emma Cash makeover

Finding an Alias group (and yes, someday our Vaughn will come)

An hour at the local craft market and being told I bargain like an African

Good news about a friend’s well deserved promotion

A tired heart that recognizes it’s time to rest and the peace that comes with that decision

Wendy is by far the best TV buddy I’ve ever had

My own version of Dad’s Surprise and thinking on all the times he made the simple meal for us kids even if he was tired after work


Sweet goodbyes for friends traveling and knowing it’s only for six weeks

Katie teaching me how to use the crew galley

A breakfast treat for when I get heartsick for Benin


Sleepless nights that turn into really great opportunities to pray

The Jones leading worship

An afternoon with new friends

Dinner and laughs with Shea

The awesome job Katie and her team did for the Partners Reception


Lisa believing for me that the best is yet to come

This dynamic duo was back in black for the partners reception


One very lovely Benin Advance reunion dinner (of course with a lot of belly laughs)

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