Endless Gifts (8)

Al and Rays help to install the new fridge

Roland is available and willing to listen and give advice

Ryan’s help for Monday Funday movie night

The Cash’s are back! My friend is home!

An Emma Cash hug 🙂

A very successful fire sale shared experience (2,404 units for 1,300 USD in one hour!)

IMG_7827[1] IMG_7826[1]

This little cutie from the White Orchid Home. Mike said I can’t keep him though


An avocado from Martha

A refreshing, easy and life giving conversation with Stephanie

Kind words and feedback from crew

A promise hanging in my closet

Roguy’s encouraging words and hope

Celebrating Jack Wall’s first birthday

10406842_10153075142113081_4052507298862279149_n 10931542_10153075142118081_3314078041586037916_n

Lindy’s helpfulness in covering boxes for the Daily Deals

Coffee with Dianna Cash

And Dianna’s willingness to just sit in with me and offer sweet friendship

Henry listens and understands even if nothing can be changed, he values people well

A Saturday Heroes Marathon

Fried eggs and bananas

A note on my door in the morning


Mexican night with Spicy Chicken… best meal on the ship

And a new chef on the ship, Jesse, who is creative and thinks outside the box to bless the crew

Ghislain, who always cooks and serves with a great attitude and heart

Starting to read Forgotten God with Brenda

The gift of a daily reminder from Lisa

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