Endless Gifts (17)

A little Seahawks moment in the with Lollie on a port walk

City Prayer moving beyond our bulkheads and into a place of need


The first of hopefully many dinners where we simply bring light into darkness

A Monday night off and time at the gas station with friends

Introducing Simon and Jeremiah to girls night with the Bachelor

Jordan sharing his monster cookies


The gift of two early nights to bed

A deck 7 party to celebrate Elizabeth, Theo and Nick

Shameless white girl selfies with Katie


Saturday afternoon at 501 … sitting by the ocean with a Coke and good conversation and laughs

A sweet note from Pops


True friendship that shares the footrest during a Band of Brothers marathon

Sitting poolside on Sunday afternoon with the Cash crew

Mexican night with guacamole and sour cream … happy, happy taste buds


And the gift of an Avocado which made Sunday salad that much better

Katie and Dianna’s willingness to model the Mercy Ships shirts we are looking to buy

Nick and Ashley just rolling with it when I walk into the Accounting office with different T-Shirts and ask them to try them on

Story time in the Accounting office and just general fun that happens in there

Libera is Ebola free!


Danielle’s gift of Swiss chocolate and time

A Diet Coke and Twix fix that didn’t taste like dish soap or stale soda

Laura’s trip to Taurenhof and the reminder that 10 years ago I met some incredible and beautiful and inspiring women

The night housekeepers who work so hard every night but have been working extra hard to make our floors look sharp and shiny

And this sweet message in my inbox on Monday morning


A listening ear with good insight and advice

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