Endless Gifts (35)

Miriam’s reminders to stop and enjoy the flowers no matter how big or small, lovely or just weedy


Baking with Sam and licking the spoon


Miriam’s singing “Hallelujah” in the car… in her cot… in the garden… at church… basically anywhere.

Finding great design ideas for Pier 99 and the AFM Starbucks, and that spark of joy and excitement that comes from planning a lot of change

Beautiful and peaceful runs through the West Highland Way


The way Hannah’s face lights up and she runs to me each morning when I come down for breakfast

Time to wander in Glasgow city center and fantastic burger with my sister

Honeybee Bakery  take away cake and coffee


Louise’s passion to reach street kids and to be love to youth at risk… she goes out every Saturday night to meet up with these youth and to get to know them, to really know their stories and has become a constant in their life… a tangible representation of Jesus


Sam singing Rend Collective’s “Build Your Kingdom Here” even if he only knows one line its absolutely precious to hear a three year old cry out, “show your mighty hand… we pray”

Knowing that God is never surprised by change or delays… he is still in complete control and we need only to relax, rely and be still

A sleepless night that were totally worth it for the memory made


Sam, Hannah and Miriam playing their “bagpipe”

Monday Funday Family Edition at the Transport Museum with Sam as the tour guide and a treat of cappuccinos and scones after

The comedy that is baking with my sister and the laughs we share while Sam just looks on and asks for the millionth time, “why is it called “Rock Biscotti?”

One epic trip to IKEA with three kids under three, the hilarious meltdowns that occurred during the two hour traffic jam we were stuck in and the chocolate biscuits that saved the day for Hannah


Getting to see Valerie after years and years!


A lovely hike up Queen’s View with a great view and the best little hill walkers in town


A sweet talk with Sam about saying goodbye and a few special hot chocolate dates with just Sam

Bedtime stories with Sam and bedtime playtime with the girls

A delicious Mexican dinner out with my sister and a refreshing conversation

That my sister is more than just family, she is my dear and close friend


Cheeky croissants and cappuccinos before church each Sunday

Choosing joy over jealousy

Sweet little faces that make saying goodbye so very hard

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