Endless Gifts (37)

Sierra Leone has no new Ebola infections!!!

The Transportation campaign partnering with Telma, Orange and Airtel is up and running


Josh was there to save the flavor of our house dinner and Tom’s help with dinner including a quick run to the corner restaurant to get rice

Harmen getting the Land Cruiser back up and running so we could all get on with the afternoon


Francia, the house cleaner for the bazaar be apts, a sweet woman with an eye for detail and who’s face lights up when you ask about her twin boys

A well timed chat with Brenda

Nick who reconciled all my cash advances last year… Really missing that right now

The ship is finally made it out of dry dock!

The chance to see one group of the new Day Crew during their training.


L’Affiche wifi and staying connected

A $10 massage

Baking delicious treats with real vanilla bean… Oh the baking!

image image

Seeing my market friends again and getting stocking up on local craft for the shop


Coconut breaks that make the morning run bearable and a running buddy (don’t worry Katie you haven’t been replaced!)


Mel Bel is back in Tamatave! And some great conversations well into the night


Coffee and getting to know Ann-Marie a little more

Ghurka food made with love by Tek!

image image

Celebrating Logan’s birthday at the Train Station and then Martha’s the next night at Piment Banane

Gathering all the Mercy Shippers in Tamatave for a meal and laughs and knowing that even if we are separated from the ship we are all still one big happy ship family

Captain Jon’s leadership and discerning decision making

Cirian and his team of engineers who are working so tirelessly to ensure the ship is operational and safe

Whale watching and not getting sick on the rocky little boat (and thank you Josh for getting a great photo of how close try were to the boat!) and a morning to forget about delays and such and be awed by the massive beauty of God’s creation

image image

Got me a bike to get around town until the ship arrives thanks to the ever sweet and generous Dianna Cash

After months of prayer and faithful hope, Summer’s precious little gift was born (follow her heart and her story and be inspired)

This timely reminder at the end of church


And less than one week until I get to see Wendy!…in Madagascar!

And this time next week I’ll be back on the ship with some of the most beautiful people and my princess bed.

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