1,000 Gifts (76-100)

76. BBQ on the dock and hamburgers IMG_2594[1] 77. The Hospitality Hostesses who are always cheerful and welcoming

78. That I get to keep the Joneses  IMG_2633[1] 79. Girl Scout Cookie care packages (and Reese’s that haven’t been destroyed in the container!) IMG_2605[1] 80. And introducing Ghurkas to Girl Scout Cookies 🙂

81. Midnight stargazing

82. My brother, Josh Jack IMG_2618[1] 83. The first AFM Monday Funday

84. We have real cheese again!!!

85. Steven and James so kindly bringing back Shawarma for me

86.The wedding of these beautiful friends IMG_2551[1] 87. Friends who teach me a French word or phrase each day

88. Indian food and conversation

89. Lunch on Deck 7

90. Sweet, fat little babies on the ward to cuddle

91. New members of my support team

92. The Redmond Reporter’s article

93. A sweet gift of stickers and a silly band bracelet from Sydney

94. Quotes that motivate me IMG_2600[1] 95. Paterne, the Mercy Ministries translator that comes with us to the Baby Creche

96. Dianna and Krissy who open the cafe every Sunday to bless the crew

97. The first VVF Dress Ceremony

98. Emergen-C to keep me from getting sick

99. An afternoon with Miss Emma Cash and her surprising make-up artist skills


100. That there is always someone at the bottom of the gangway who offers to take my trash to the dumpster for me IMG_2620[1]

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