1,000 Gifts (426-450)

426. Girls night with the lovely Andrea, Hanna and Nicole

427. Exploring the market

428. Dancing with a shopkeeper’s little girl in the street of the market

429. Staying hydrated in style



430. That our team rolls with the punches and recovers with grace and never gives up

431. Another perfect afternoon at my new favorite beach


432. A team dinner out complete with laughs and desserts on fire

433. My dad, whom I am very thankful for and thankful for the legacy of youth ministry he left at Crossroads Bible Church


434. Checking things off my long To Do list

435. Finding Twix bars at the super marche and they don’t taste like dish soap!!

436. Memories of last year’s sail and the friends I shared it with

437. My faithful friend for years who I served the Crossroads Jr. high girls with


Which makes me think of all the great memories from years ago:

438. These girls and the beautiful women they have become


439. Summer Safari and morning executions


440. An epic capture the flag game mapped out with 100 tootsie roll winnings


441. Lip syncs and night games and 43 Man Squamish


442. Rainy day work attire at Camp Bighorn


443. The view from the top of Mt. bighorn and serving the students with this group


444. My mentor and friend, Tami


445. And the continued support she has been in my life, never giving up and always challenging me

446. Looking back and seeing the great things that were done in the lives of students at all those camps and knowing that so many of them are making an impact in their little corner of the world – I am so proud of you. 


447. Finally being able to order in French without asking for help

448. That it’s only 74 days until Lisa gets here!

449. Coming home to find a pool waiting out back (Ok maybe it’s for Mirabelle, but I think we all might sneak a few minutes in there on one of the “Hotter than Hades” days)

450. Staying connected to my AFM family even while far away

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  1. Love you and what you are doing. My Friend and fellow workers here at Friendly Village have been making blankets to send to you on board the ship. Mom will tell me how. I read every thing you send back…Grandma

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