Endless Gifts (30)

Running through the forest instead of the Port


The gift of new clothes and shopping with Nadene

Rachel arrived safe and sound and I got a chance to sit in the cell phone waiting lot and watch a lovely northwest sunset


Sorting through my old boxes and purging about four boxes worth of things, but also finding some great treasures 🙂

Value Village donation center that unloads everything for you

Finding my favorite pair of shoes


Dinner with Jenn and catching up on her life and hearing about her humble willingness to serve in her church wherever and however is needed

The positive influence that Jenn and her family are in a little girl’s life

Hearing Elisa’s passion to encourage and support new mamas

Reconnecting with Aimee and meeting her sweet little Riley


A long lunch and catch up with Lindsay over Thai food

Friends who are able to support and donate to my fundraiser raffle

Finally made it to a girls night!

The Bolt bus to Portland and free wifi to help pass the time

A quick hike with stunning views with Sarah Paris


Cupcakes at the top of Multnomah Falls


And a random stop at a lavender field


Chuck Norris duck wings at Hair of the Dog brewery

Meeting Nicole and Wendy and laughing with them like we’ve all known each other for years

A church service that blessed my soul


Being able to help out at the wedding in small little ways

The opportunity to bless a homeless man with a cup of coffee

Breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot in Portland

IMG_9982-0 IMG_9981-0

Staying connected with friends across the world

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