Endless Gifts (40)

Katie clearing my dinner dishes so I could Skype with my sister

And these adorable little faces I got to see for almost an hour 🙂

IMG_2899 IMG_2909

Monday Funday is back as is Monday Girl’s Night…happy heart

Oh and Late Night Lattes are back too and how it often ends up being about so much more than just making coffee… there’s a conversation to be had, a prayer to be said or just a smile to be shared

Surgeries have started! Patients are slowly filling up the wards and there is so much going on its absolutely beautiful

The ponseti clinic is up and running


Sunsets from the gangway


Being invited to Floor’s web design class to hear the student’s ideas and provide feedback. I must admit, they are a pretty creative group of students and they have some truly great ideas! This academy really provides some unique opportunities for students

Being in an environment where we work hard and strive for excellence but we still can have fun and TP an office as a welcome back

Sweet treats delivered to my desk just beacause


A leader who is confident enough to be silly because he knows it will make someone’s day


African dinner and then second dinner with Jordan

Denny in IS who quickly resolves issues and doesn’t make me feel stupid for asking for help

Captain Jan is officially frocked as our new captain, and he is another example of strong leader I am thankful and blessed to serve under


Feeling like a kid again… eating an ice cream cone and watching shooting stars

Katie is back as my running buddy and April as my gym buddy

A young adults retreat onboard that enriched, refreshed, challenged and encouraged so many of my friends

Dianna’s understanding and allowing me to be me and do what is best for my heart without any pushing or pressure… just a loving friend who understands

Introducing Wendy to lemurs and maybe trying to pet them

IMG_2978 IMG_2979

Container day

How perfect it all feels when a baby falls asleep in your arms

Nights spent holding a precious little baby from D Ward and walking laps down the hallway comforting and being love to such a beautiful little life


These four amazing friends who have spent the last two years on this adventure with me… each one means something special to me


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