Endless Gifts (44)

The Holland container arrived with my clothes and finally the test items for the Shop

And a surprise gift of my favorites, Hi-Chews, from my mama


Ivanna’s story about the little plastics (burn) patient who’s suffered so much and came in very cautious of anyone but is now starting to trust the Day Crew and our nurses… she’s even singing a song that a Day Crew made up… the words? “I am so loved”

Unexpectedly winning the Navigator Best Use award for a space that our community can use to share information


Getting another win and after ten months, a system has finally been updated to be easier to use

Creating job aids and spending 30 minutes deep cleaning the espresso machine… was and always will be one of my favorite cleaning tasks

Looking through old photos and remembering one of the best accomplishments of my Starbucks career… first store to achieve 100% Overall Satisfaction


And my old boss who could read a situation, adjust his approach, then speak encouragement into it followed by challenging me to be the best Store Manager I could be

That someone asked me what I actually did at Starbucks and the chance to share a few moments I’m proud of

Dinner and laughs with the Rothwells

Saturday Treat Day with Dianna… pretty nails and ice cream for lunch and sharing stories


Heather and Deb’s stories about visiting one of their patients from last field service

How beautiful it is we have the ability to follow up with last year’s patients

One hour of pure sunshine, a lazy nap and a great book on the pool deck

That when friends leave, your wardrobe grows and you didn’t have to spend a penny

The Galley and Dining Room teams that spent all weekend washing and bleaching and cleaning every surface, fork and knife, cup and tiny spoon, every plate and bowl and pot and pan

Even though there has been a lot of illness around the ship and the Food Services teams were down people they still put out every meal for us

That I’ve avoided the sickness going round the ship

Glancing out the window at just the right time to see the world’s largest RoRo ship sail in


Leon’s service in the Sales Department and how kind he was to everyone and his gift of taking parcels and letters back to the states to mail

Dinner with the girls at a favorite spot


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