Endless Gifts (49)

Dianna’s playfulness and joy in the laundry room

And there have been two weeks in a row where the laundry room hasn’t made me frustrated, annoyed or tested my patience!

Jenelle stepping in at the last minute to host Monday Funday

A refreshing, honest and motivating conversation that reminded me to pursue excellence in my sphere of influence and trust God for the rest

Getting to baby sit the Wall kids, how excited they were for me to watch them and a manicure too 🙂


A lunchtime conversation with a married friend about singleness and that she honestly replied, “I just don’t know what to say.” And you know what? That was the exact right thing to say in that moment


Random trip to the boutique resulted in a FULL jar of Mod Podge!

Getting a truly exciting e-mail and letting your heart hope

That our God does in fact do immeasurable more then we can ask or imagine

Getting to donate blood again and give the gift of life


Rachel is safely back to the ship and we promptly celebrated with a lunch at a favorite spot

Little kids with walkers cruising down the hall, double casted and big smiles, giggling and talking all the way down the hallway with their caregivers right behind them (this is one of those moments where I hate that I can’t take photos on the ward because I wish so badly I could have captured this moment)

The chance to walk down the hallway the same time a young girl is practicing walking with a leg cast and crutches, that look of determination in her eyes as a nurse, a day crew and myself cheered her on

An hour skype with Brenda and catching up on what’s going on in her life

Getting to play hide and seek with a little maxillofacial patient, again I wish I could take a photo!!

A successful Chopped cooking competition for the Crew with lots of entertainment and interesting ingredients

The way a shared experience can create such an energy and turn an ordinary space and time into some thing really special

The behind the scenes people that helped make the event such a success… the dishwashers, photographers, and AV support

10 days without any reported Ebola cases in Guinea

In the midst of all the tragedy and attacks of the last week there are moments of beauty that remind us there is still good in this world and there is something far greater that we have yet to see

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